Last Night @ Gardenia

I got to Keri Kelsey’s open mic at The Gardenia late and was called up to the mic right after Karen HernandezDori AmarillioMichael Saucier did such a kick-ass, jazz instrumental session, that I didn’t want to get off my bar stool, personally, thinking that the evening could have ended perfectly right then.

However, I did get up…

On that bar stool I had a few ideas of what song I’d sing, but changed my mind on the fly on my walk over to the piano with my iPad, quickly searching for and selecting another song, only to change it once again after I put my electronic tablet down in front of Mike Farrell who was back at the piano. He is one of Hollywood’s go-to pianists for many of the singing or music-based TV shows…and has played with/for many well-known bands and singers.

Although I really didn’t want to get up, once the music started and I started singing, it truly felt awesome, at the very least it was a selfish joy to sing with such talented, world-class musicians playing behind me.

– Quiche Out

One For My Baby
by Johnny Mercer & Harold Arlen

Tom Kiesche at Keri Kelsey’s open mic.
1/16/2018 The Gardenia – Hollywood, CA

with world-class musicians
Mike Farrell – piano
Dori Amarillio – guitar
Michael Saucier – stand up bass

Right Direction (thx!)

I can’t do it without help! Thank you! To all that read, purchased, shared, told friends, reviewed, and helped along the way! Thank you! Thank you! June was best sales month yet! Hopefully soon it starts getting noticed.

Thank you for helping this book/story gain traction up the hill. Still a long way to go!

If you’re interested in receiving a signed copy directly from me. Direct message me. $19 shipping, tracking number, and tax included. If you want it faster priority mail $22.

Link to book on Amazon: Park Ranger Park

– Quiche Out

Chantry Flats, Sturtevant Falls

If you’ve been reading me you’ve seen dozens of pictures of hikes off of Chantry Flats, especially to Sturtevant Falls… well, today I’m posting a few more.

This morning was a glorious time to hike, not at all hot, not cold, just right. The water level was enough to get the bottoms of our boots wet upon a few crossings, and the falls roared with cascading water.

This is one of my favorite hikes, one of the hikes that started me thinking of the story of Park Ranger Park years ago…

Today along our trek, to the falls, and then looping above the falls, we tracked a number of things that I thought would be fun for anyone reading the book, though I know the paperback was just released on AMAZON and the Kindle isn’t due out till Feb 10th.

HOWEVER, maybe after you see this blog post, and then read the book later, you will realize why I took certain pictures… although most of the shots are obviously just for fun.

Take a hike, read a book… maybe bring Park Ranger Park to a waterfall with you, and read it there.

– Quiche Out
LINK TO paperback version (Park Ranger Park) on AMAZON:

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Free in LA (Pasadena)

Today Fe & me went to JPL. Free thing to do while in town. All ages.

Interesting. Nerdy. Fascinating. Inspiring. 

A few week waiting list. Sun, steps, and some walking.

But you get to keep the pass & lanyard.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory is a NASA Center in Pasadena, Calif. managing robotic spacecraft in the exploration of Earth, the solar system and the universe.

– Quiche Out

Opening in October ’16 – Hollywood Premiere Party


I just got word from one of the producers that I may now publicly disclose that I’ve been cast in a new, LIVE THEATRE event that will be premiering in Hollywood this coming autumn…

Hollywood Premiere Party

I have very few other details to release at this point: The location is set. The PR team is gearing up. The actors are cast. Stage manager hired. Rehearsal schedule released. The writer/director promises to continue to develop the script through rehearsals, and I’m sure that each night it will change slightly with each new audience.

What I can write at this point is that my character is shaping up to be a handful of fun, wild emotion & craziness…

It’s a while off, and things can always change, but as of now, production dates are listed as follows: October 7th & 8th, 14th & 15th, 21st & 22nd, skip a weekend, and then November 3rd, 4th & 5th.

As we get closer, as more is released, I’ll post about it. Until then…

– Quiche Out

Nature good Graffiti bad

A lovely day for a hike as we went back to Hermit Falls… Maybe I’m turning into a grumpy old man… But what is wrong with individuals that think spray-painting rocks is acceptable behavior? Is that possibly the only way they can imagine leaving a mark on society? Newsflash to all Picasso Pollock Warhols, it will be painted over, or sandblasted, and in the meantime, you’ve ruined something beautiful for years to come. You’ve sent a brilliant message to the universe declaring your own lack of self-worth, and if you believe in God, you’ve pissed all over his designer carpet.

Who knew there were so many people attempting to discover new ways to spell “idiocy.” Another hike & beautiful waterfall trashed… Tag social media, NOT NATURE! 

Despite the rocks in prettiest section of the hike looking like the side of a New York Subway train in the ’70s, we still managed to find joy on the journey, appreciating the sounds, the reflection of light on the surface of the water and leaves on the trees, the smell of white sage, and the feeling of being recharged within the power and beauty of nature.

Hermit Falls, 1.5 miles from Chantry Flats parking area.
3 miles round.
Depending on water levels, shoes may get wet (especially if you don’t hop rocks well.)
A couple easy stream crossings.
You’ll pass a few cabins on the way.
Descend from parking area, ascend back to parking area, along the same path.
Located in the San Gabriel Mountains…

Warning: Hikes may cause happiness, temporary shortness of breath, and have lasting effects on your appreciation of beauty and life.

– Quiche Out

Seconds after I posted this I got an invite to either donate money to HERMIT FALLS CLEAN UP, or attend the HERMIT FALLS CLEAN UP. Here’s the link: