Hit Your Target

This past Friday, my gal and I went to an archery range… a Christmas gift she had gotten for the two of us. Entrance, rental, targets, instruction, and lunch.

The funny thing was, while the instructor was watching over our form, and Fe was thriving… I could barely hit the paper, let alone graze the outer ring. I was consistently off, my patterns always close together, with whatever adjustment she had me make, which is usually a good sign, but, I swear, I’d hit relatively tight patterns in the white.

Then.. I swear… The moment our instructor walked away, to instruct another party…


Yellow, inner circle, a fraction from dead center.

The next two arrows I let fly also landed in the yellow. A hilarious moment, proving that while I required and appreciated instruction and direction…


With a few more sent arrows, I was nailing dinosaurs, and pegging pigs, at double and triple the distance.

It’s funny how everything illuminates and relates…

Learn, relax, breathe, aim, redirect, stay focused, adjust… Hit your target.

– Quiche Out

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