Back From Alaska but not done shooting WHITE FANG

Well, Alaska was a blast… what a brilliant life experience that created new friendships, bonds, & memories. We still have a lot more to shoot with the movie, and then I’m sure it will be in post production for some time, but… It was really an awesome thing to say YES to.

The cast list is not complete, as some deals are still in play, but at this point I’m allowed to mention the following cast members… Kenton Duty, Amanda Leighton, Jack Campbell, Darin Heames and myself, Tom Kiesche. Feel free to look all of them up on IMDB.

Dan Garcia is the director of the project I can honestly say that the cast is terrifically pleased with the footage we’ve seen, shoot by Seth Wessel-Estes (the DP), David Coone (B-cam op), and Andrew Kamen (1st AC).

A few of the many pictures I took are posted below… Others may be posted later, but for now I will catch up on some sleep, get rid of a head cold I brought back with me, and get ready for yet another week of shooting… WHITE FANG. Hopefully by this time next week I will be able to announce even more details and maybe even a HUGE SURPRISE.

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– Quiche Out

3 thoughts on “Back From Alaska but not done shooting WHITE FANG

  1. What a fabulous opportunity for you! Happy you were able to experience incredible Alaska in all its splendor…there’s nothing like it! ♥


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