For My Birthday


For my birthday…

I’d love for you to write one short, simple sentence about something you’re excited about, or looking forward to in your life, or an accomplishment you’re proud of, or some brilliance you’ve witnessed, or something you’re learning, or learned, or something that makes you smile deeply, or someplace you love, a picture that moves you, or a song, or tell me where happiness is for you, tell me about the best meal you ever had, or write something you’re grateful for, or remind me when, how or where we met, or a song you love, or share a happy memory of our friendship, or something you’ve enjoyed about the two of us knowing each other…

Most of all…
For my birthday, I wish you all shine bright, embracing happiness.

– Quiche Out

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  1. Hi Tom,
    Happy Belated Birthday. You were destined to be an actor.
    I am blessed to have you in my life.
    Keep up the great work and inspirational blogs.
    Hope to catch up in person one day.


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