New Bio Written

The good news I alluded to earlier this week is that it’s looking as though we’re adding a new teammate to the team, and my collaborator and I are extremely excited about it…

Further details may be released once everything is finalized, but one of the tools she has asked us for are new bios… Below is my newest, which my collaborator helped tweak…

– Quiche Out

Tom Kiesche

Tom didn’t follow his pre-med college path, stay in New Jersey, or sell pharmaceuticals for a Fortune 500 company very long, but he has been a highly productive, constant creator in theater, television, film, cabaret and for the Internet for a couple decades.  The raw act of writing, and the speed at which he’s able to craft a story, is something so much a part of Tom’s expression that he wonders where the pre-med idea ever came from…

He’s had several full-length screenplays optioned, several short-films win awards, and dozens of productions in theaters in Los Angeles, New York, and even Tennessee. He has been published as a novelist, poet, essayist, copywriter, and a paid contributor for the publication “Backstage.” He has also had two songs he wrote (lyrics) produced and dozens of children stories recorded (original & adapted). Highlights of his writing training include: The UCLA professional program, Theater Sports New York, The Upright Citizen’s Brigade, lots of books and loads of practice.

Besides his accomplishments wielding a keyboard… He has worked continually as a professional actor in all mediums: film, stage, sketch & improv comedy, Internet, commercials and television (“Breaking Bad,” “BONES,” “CSI” and many more.) He has sung in dozens of venues, created several original web-series, and recorded dozens of songs. He has a wealth of additional creative field experience, such as working as a director, producer, production manager, first AD, film-editor, fund-raiser, sound mixer, sound-editor, photographer, fight-choreographer, videographer…

Tom enjoys comedy, hikes in the mountains, camping, cooking, working out, getting his hands dirty, and has been a long time volunteer for the Hollywood YMCA, the Amanda Foundation (animal shelter), and logged many hours designing and building enrichment devices for animals at the Los Angeles Zoo.

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