Halloween 2013 – Closet Special!

Screen shot 2013-10-20 at 5.57.48 PMSo, after buying the props (see shelf…) over two years ago, and wanting to do this song for a Halloween special since… Today I finally buckled down and went into the closet.

I can tell you what came out of recording, shooting and then editing today was nothing like I expected it to be… But, when I put it all together, like a nightmarish Frankenstein, it cracked me up… So, I’m gambling that perhaps it’ll crack you up, and it might even crack you up enough to pass it along to your friends…

Have a great creative Halloween! Smile… Laugh… And then grab some candy! And for the record yes, Frankenfurter’s vocal track was recorded in one continuous take… Boo!

– Quiche Out

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