My Friend Was Mugged… Needs Help…

Got an email from an acquaintance/friend of mine…

I’m writing to let you know that my family and i are stuck in London, UK has been a mess We got mugged last night at gun point and lost all cash,credit card and cell phone. It has been a scary experience,Thank God we still got our life and passport saved here with us.
Our return fight leaves in some hours from now but we are having problems settling our hotel bills, i need you to loan me some money, I’ll refund it back to you as soon as we arrive back home Kindly let me know if you can be of help so that i can tell you how to wire the money to me via western union.
Awaiting your positive response.

Now before you tell me you know it’s a SCAM, she signed it the way she would typically sign an email, or at least as I would remember her to sign it.
XO and just her initials.

But the fact that she was emailing ME, the fact it went out to a number of undisclosed recipients, the fact this shit happens all the time…

I went to her Facebook a page and sent a message…
“I just got this email from you…  I hope it’s a scam (even though that would be horrid).”

A Facebook message came back seconds later…
“I am the one that sent it to you….It’s not a scam.”

Still not falling for it, I wrote back something like…
“Okay what is the hotel name and location, and I’ll call them…”

No reply came, but a minute later, my account was blocked from posting to that (her) individual Facebook account.

I looked for a way to report it on line… And found nothing.

I decided I’d go to the police station to report… I mean what else to do besides ignore right?…

And I was writing a scene that took place in the Hollywood Station anyway, and could use some actual details… But the truth is that I didn’t want to see my friend’s friends fall for it.

I hate lying thieves. And I figured at the very least, not only had they hacked her email, but they most likely had her smart phone…

Perhaps the cops could do a GPS search or at least a phone call or visit to make sure she was okay, as all I had for her was her cell number which went directly to voice mail.

Basically the cops looked at me and said (very nicely)…
“Yeah, this stuff happens all the time. Not sure what you want us to do. I get those types of things too.”

Though they were impressed with the connection to the Facebook account, and were surprised of the blocking of my account minutes later… Which I had printed out to document for them… And they realized some crimes more than spamming were occurring.

Another officer overheard and handed me an FBI handout, of how to not be taken advantage of on line… With this web address on the bottom.

With the nearly complete dismissal for the crime that was actively being committed, as friends of hers could have been wiring money right then… It’s amazing we all don’t turn into Internet thieves… After all, who couldn’t use money wired to them?

– Quiche Out


  1. Its frustrating that the authorities can’t act on a crime in progress. These lowlifes are beneath the scum that one gets on their shoes when walking through a sewer. I take at least a little solace in replying and telling them just that.


    • These crimes are hard to prosecute as well as determine jurisdiction. In some states, it depends on where the scam was received. In others, it is where is was sent from. If it crosses state lines, then it is a federal crime. Most DAs (or SAs) will not touch these cases so it is not only fustrating to the victims but also the police who feel like it is not seen as serious of a crime to warrant the DAs attention.


  2. I had my Twitter account hacked once. After I tweeted about my recent conversion to Catholicism, someone hacked my account to send out a personalized inappropriate tweet that, shall we say, linked my motivations to the sexual abuse crisis. This tweet automatically appeared on my LinkedIn and IMDB pages (and was brought to my attention by a former boss). The hacker also used my account to curse out a T.V. producer I followed. It was obviously not a mass spamming endeavor, but a personal attack, that I’m sure would be classified as a hate crime. But, there wasn’t really anything I could do but remove all Twitter applications, change my online passwords, and apologize to the T.V. producer (who was very kind about it).


  3. I’ve received a very similar e-mail from 2 different people. Once I contacted them on Facebook, they immediately realized their e-mails had been hacked. It’s kind of scary that these scam artists are hacking Facebook pages simultaneously! Scary!


  4. Tom, a friend of mine was just hacked by a similar scammer, who claimed the friend was in Madrid and had had all his belongings stolen. The scammer also used my friend’s unique e-mail signature. I alerted the friend on Facebook, and have been able to point him to this post as an example of a previous attack. Thanks for the warning this post provided! Otherwise our mutual friends might have been taken in.


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