A baby, a dog, & a cell phone

I know there’s a joke in here some where, however, on my way to grab my morning coffee and breakfast, I stopped my truck to let a woman cross the street…

In one of her hands, a gentle older Chocolate Labrador Retriever, on a leash… in her other hand, up to her ear, was of course her cell phone, that she was talking into…  and in the nook of her other arm, an infant all wrapped up in blankets… Mind you, all while walking through my neighborhood, and as she was about to cross a street…

Gosh, I know everyone is so busy. I know that moms are people too. I know dogs need to be walked. And I have no idea of the circumstances…

Maybe her dog was about to poop in the house, her baby couldn’t be left alone, her partner was out putting out a fire downtown and saving lives, and her doctor finally called back with important news on how to diffuse a ticking bomb that was set to go off in minutes, in a local daycare facility… I don’t know.

Honestly, I did laugh a little, when she waved me to go, and NOT WAIT for her to cross the street. Wow. But all I drove away thinking was… “Put the cell phone down. Back away from the cell phone.”

– Quiche Out

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