Once More Unto The Breach… ?

Here I am again, once again considering blogging on a semi-regular basis…

As some of you know I blogged for Back Stage West for 21 months professionally, before moving on from that, and after building up quite a little following. Actually, coincidentally, or maybe not coincidentally, two weeks ago, while walking down Hollywood Blvd, my feet trampling the walk of fame, I was recognized by a young actor who told me he used to follow my blog.

However, back then, at the time, I started to find myself “living” to record events, or wanting to record the events while I was living them. I put a weird self-induced pressure on myself to live an “interesting life” and to book acting work because I felt I was being watched… So, while I loved blogging, it also became far too time and emotionally consuming.

Friendster, then Myspace, then Facebook replaced some of those good and negative elements of blogging, but each site eventually led to different sets of issues… Whether dealing with time management, creative output issues, boundary dilemmas, or just needing more person to person contact… And status updates are even more addictive than blogging, when it comes to recording a life instead of just simply living a life.

But here I am, contemplating the blogosphere once more…

-Quiche Out

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