Park Ranger Park

The exciting new novel, Park Ranger Park, by Tom Kiesche!

Available in paperback or on Kindle.



Direct link to the book on Amazon.

What’s the genre?

It’s fantasy fiction, with a few sub-genres mixed in…including action, adventure, science fiction, horror, and humor!

Written to be enjoyed sitting at the beach, by the pool, on a train or bus, in bed with candles burning, or best yet, in a quiet little spot, in the woods by a serene waterfall.

What’s a brief summary?

No one would ever believe the truth… When several women hikers go missing in a national forest, federal authorities turn the focus of their investigation toward one particular suspect, Tim Park, especially when the park ranger’s ex-girlfriend also mysteriously vanishes. Questioned, near suspension, and under surveillance by the FBI, Park Ranger Park also disappears without a trace, at the same time as another abduction and the bloody, horrific murder of the woman’s male companion at the foot of a scenic waterfall. The fantastic part of the story truly starts when Park Ranger Park finds himself face down in a puddle of filth, on the floor of a dungeon in a wondrous otherworld. There, amongst warriors, wizards, and wondeshrungs, Park finds himself fighting for his life, searching for the women he’s accused of abducting, and looking for a way back to Earth to clear his good name.

What’s an even shorter summary?

When a national forest falls under siege by otherworldly creatures, one man finds himself oddly accused and awkwardly embarking on a most fantastical quest.

What’s a possible tag line for the book?

“Hiking in the park was easy… getting out was a whole other story.”

Does Park Ranger Park have a Facebook Page?

You bet. Click here. 

Does the book have any reviews or press yet?

Yes. Many. Many are posted on, and there are a few on…

Here is a link to a page listing some of other reviews and press.
Direct link:

Here are a few quotes from readers just like you — on some of the many ✯✯✯✯✯ (5 star) Amazon reviews!

“a fast-paced fantasy adventure with a likable and even admirable hero, caught in a world that is vividly brought to life.”

“unique writing style draws the reader in by the throat and doesn’t let go of their attention until the final page.”

“the many laugh-out-loud moments are character-driven and don’t detract from the mystery and suspense of the story itself. There’s also plenty of moments that had me in tears – that’s the mark of a good writer!”

action-packed page-turner! I mean that – it was hard to put down. The chapter breaks really captured story segments well, and lent to the book to being a page-turner.”

“I loved the ending! For the last ¼ of the book, I was intensely curious as to how it would end… and I’m happy to say that I was not able to predict it at all!”

laugh out loud funny.”

mix of sci-fi, mystery, romance, adventure, and comedy all rolled up into one rollicking ride of a book.”

“If you are a fan of alternate universes, look no further.”

“unique spellbinder that captures the reader from the very first page. It is an exciting, enjoyable, and an intensely satisfying novel.”

“Buckle up… get ready for a ride into an amazing alternative world, full of some of the most creative and captivating characters I’ve ever read about!”

“Fantasy/Mystery peopled with a mind reeling assortment of other world characters and their tales. Good battles, wry humor, and some fine scene setting.

Strongly detailed so every character, every location comes to life in your mind’s eye.”

“skillful and occasionally disconcerting sense of humor,  sarcasm, and phraseology which seduced you even deeper into this new world”

“unique literary style, in which he meshes genres together to form a whole unlike anything you’ve ever read before. If you’re looking for twists and turns, with memorable characters and a truly unique story – this IS one of those books.”

“Pure escapism and adventure, this was an enthralling read with twists and turns you’ll never see coming!”

Where can I get a copy of Park Ranger Park?

Currently, PRP is only available through Amazon (Kindle or paperback), direct through CreateSpace (paperback), or directly from us. In the future, we hope to expand but for now, we’re focusing on building an audience.

Do you have plans for a follow-up novel or an audiobook of Park Ranger Park?

Yes, for both questions. The original story (Park Ranger) extended beyond the ending in PRP, and unbeknownst to Tom at the time, there are so many wonderful characters and stories yet to be told. As far as an audiobook, once again, right now we’re focusing on building an audience with the Kindle and paperback versions.

Park Ranger Park would make a great film or short series on HBO, Showtime, Netflix, Amazon… do you have any plans for that?

Once PRP finds its audience, options really open up. The original story was written as a feature-length screenplay, but thankfully it was cannibalized in writing the novel.

Writing the novel gave more room for back story, side stories, additional characters, and specificity, in a short TV series some of the scenes and back stories in the novel would have the possibility of being further explored and expanded.

What was the genesis of the book?

Really, who knows… Tom has an older cousin who introduced him to fantasy and science fiction at a very young age, and as a young teen, he was introduced to role-playing, fantasy games. He’s always loved a good action-adventure. The initial backdrop of the falls is loosely based on a hike he’s done many times in Southern California, Sturtevant Falls.

Three easy steps to how you can get your own copy…

#1 Go to
#2 Type in “Park Ranger Park Kiesche”
#3 Order a copy (Kindle or paperback)

*Step #2 is not necessary if you go directly to the book’s page.

Direct link to the book on Amazon.


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