Park Ranger Park

The exciting new novel, Park Ranger Park, by Tom Kiesche!


Three easy steps to how you can get your own copy…

#1 Go to
#2 Type in “Park Ranger Park Kiesche”
#3 Order a copy (Kindle or paperback)

*Step #2 is not necessary if you go directly to the book’s page.

What’s the story about?

If you want some hints, read the reviews on Amazon, and the book’s description… Personally we don’t like to know too much before reading a book, or watching a movie. We like to be surprised…but if you really want to know, it’s about a Park Ranger, named Tim Park, who…

Nah…not gonna tell you…we want you to be surprised.

It’s fantasy fiction, with a few sub genres mixed in…including action and humor! It was written to be enjoyed sitting at the beach, by the pool, on a train or bus, in bed with candles burning, or best yet, in a quiet little spot, in the woods, by a waterfall.

If you want to know more, at the bottom of this page you can read what one reviewer on Amazon wrote about the story… don’t go past the video if you don’t want to know more before reading!

Direct link to book on Amazon:


Don’t just take our word for it… here are some quotes — from readers just like you — on some of the many ✯✯✯✯✯ (5 star) Amazon reviews!

“a fast-paced fantasy adventure with a likeable and even admirable hero, caught in a world that is vividly brought to life.”

“unique writing style draws the reader in by the throat and doesn’t let go of their attention until the final page.”

“the many laugh-out-loud moments are character-driven and don’t detract from the mystery and suspense of the story itself. There’s also plenty of moments that had me in tears – that’s the mark of a good writer!”

action packed page-turner! I mean that – it was hard to put down. The chapter breaks really captured story segments well, and lent to the book to being a page-turner.”

“I loved the ending! For the last ¼ of the book I was intensely curious as to how it would end… and I’m happy to say that I was not able to predict it at all!”

“at times, ‘laugh out loud’ funny.”

mix of sci-fi, mystery, romance, adventure, and comedy all rolled up into one rollicking ride of a book.”

“If you are a fan of alternate universes, look no further.”

“unique spellbinder that captures the reader from the very first page. It is an exciting, enjoyable, and an intensely satisfying novel.”

“Buckle up… get ready for a ride into an amazing alternative world, full of some of the most creative and captivating characters I’ve ever read about!”

“Fantasy/Mystery peopled with a mind reeling assortment of other world characters and their tales. Good battles, wry humor, and some fine scene setting.

Strongly detailed so every character, every location comes to life in your minds eye.”

“skillful and occasionally disconcerting sense of humor,  sarcasm and phraseology which seduced you even deeper into this new world”

“unique literary style, in which he meshes genres together to form a whole unlike anything you’ve ever read before. If you’re looking for twists and turns, with memorable characters and a truly unique story – this IS one of those books.”

“Pure escapism and adventure, this was an enthralling read with twists and turns you’ll never see coming!”




Here is how one reviewer on Amazon summarized the story…

“Women have been going hiking in a certain unnamed national forest…and vanishing. One these is Park Ranger Park’s ex-girlfriend, which means that when the FBI shows up to investigate the mystery, Ranger Park is top on their list of suspects. When another girl disappears – along with Park himself – and the only clue is the viciously shredded corpse of that girl’s companion, the FBI is certain he is the culprit and pull out all the stops to track him down.

But Park has more pressing problems. He has been transported into another world where magic reigns, and he has gotten on the wrong side of a wizard that will stop at nothing to destroy him. But nothing will stop Park from fulfilling his goal to find the missing women and bring them back – not golems, trolls, deadly shape-shifters, mischievous pixies, let alone the human denizens of this strange new world.”


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