There was no possible way to put out a quick moving, less than three minute long SIZZLE DEMO, that could even come close to covering an 1/8 of the 75 minute show that pleased the audience at The Gardenia (this past June 2nd)… However, we wanted to have something to help YOU convince YOUR FRIENDS and YOUR FRIENDS’ FRIENDS and to come along with YOU the next time Deirdre and I, or Deirdre or I, perform LIVE.

So, here you go, a less than three-minute sizzle reel of clips, with pull quotes, from the June 2nd, Premiere Show, at The Gardenia in West Hollywood… Deirdre Moncy & Tom Kiesche – BROADWAY 1950s, “The Golden Age” – with Michael Collum on the piano.

Here’s the link to the VIDEO:

And if you know someone that seeks out, and books shows, acts, musicians, in your city, at events, venues, clubs, theme parks, cruises… feel free to suggest this Sizzle Demo to them or any other demos from the past. (See further details about Deirdre, Tom , the show, or the review, listed on YouTube page where this video is posted.)

– Quiche Out



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