Weakday Drifter & Other Writings

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Available thru Amazon—in paperback and Kindle.

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There’s no such word as “weakday?” 

Well, there is now…because I’ve just coined it.

I suspect that by the time most of us non-multi-millionaires hit our mid-twenties…after slogging through school and part-time jobs far below our intellects and capabilities, many of us have experienced what I’m referring to as a “weakday.” One of those days when everything feels like it’s against us, when the universe seems to be telling us to just retreat back home and hide under our comforters… A weak day.

About Weakday Drifter & Other Writings

Weakday Drifter & Other Writings is a spattering of some of the works that were created, imagined, and/or performed during a time when I was bumping along the bottom, pursuing an acting career in New York City. They are the semi-organized ramblings of a lost, frustrated, developing “creative” with the heart of an artist and the work ethic of a mad scientist.

Most of the writings in this collection were penned around 1995. By then I had quit a corporate career, cashed in my 401k, and spent all my savings. I was sharing a roach-infested apartment with a friend, and paying acting gigs I sought were few and far between.

To survive, I worked several less-than-desirable jobs, none of which I enjoyed. Writing was a potential ticket out of poverty, a way to cope with the strange new life I had chosen, and an escape from the reality that wasn’t living up to my expectations.

Since then, with help, passion, and hard work, I’ve achieved many aspects of my dreams—more than I ever thought possible. These writings are very personal and meaningful to me. I hope they will entertain and resonate with you.

Facebook page with more art & details: https://www.facebook.com/weakdaydrifter/

HOW DO I GET A SIGNED COPY of Weakday Drifter?

For those with US addresses, for a limited time I will be offering signed copies, sent directly by my office, for $18.00 (you will be invoiced by paypal).

  1. Contact me directly, through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email.
  2. You will be invoiced through PayPal.
  3. Once we recieve your payment of $18.00.
  4. We will send a signed copy of Weakday Drifter & Other Writings via Media Mail, by the USPS. You will likely recieve a tracking number.
  5. For the first several books ordered, I will include one of my very first, acting postcards, from the 90s. (One from the original printing! Also from the 90s! Very limited amount available.) Photo on 10-29-17 at 8.49 AM.jpg
  6. Will include a Kindle file, which will be Emailed to the address you get invoiced through. (Kindle file is for you to take with you on your phone or tablet, and so you can leave a verified Amazon review.)

NOTE: For those outside the US, available signed books will only be on a person to person basis. Rates would undoubtedly change dramatically, paperwork may be involved on our end, and I’m unsure about my abiltity to order Kindle files from the US Amazon, and send to other countries.



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