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Game Off

Okay, because there’s no one paying me (as was the case in my previous blogging adventure) I’m free to ramble, rant, write, about whatever and whenever… This week as a matter of fact I had several things pop up that I wanted to explore further. However, this week I also bought a computer game, an action adventure, the first I’ve purchased for myself in YEARS (Dragon Age)… A little about me… I’m completely obsessive and fabulously intense on various things in my life. The good side of that is, I… Read more Game Off

Bad Teacher – A Discussion

WARNING: Spoiler alert. The following discussion may “spoil” “Bad Teacher.” And may spoil films such as “Scrooge,” “A Christmas Carol,” and “Rocky” which are referred to in this discussion. While I’ve often thought I’d be an excellent movie reviewer, I also believe that being a writer and an actor, constantly aspiring to get to the next level, no matter what that may be, the last thing I should do is criticize other people’s work. For after all, how many actors does it take to screw in a light bulb? Right?… Read more Bad Teacher – A Discussion

Bring It… Things I learned at Burning Man…

As some of you know this past year I attended Burning Man for the first time, not for three days, not for four days, but for a whole ten days. Ten days in the middle of dusty desert in Black Rock City, Nevada. And while I will never be able to explain everything thing I experienced, felt or learned… And by no means am I an expert on all things on the Playa, or anything “burner,” but I can share with you a bit here and there, and here’s one… Read more Bring It… Things I learned at Burning Man…

“No. Try not. Do or do not… There is no try.”

It seems completely ridiculous that words I first heard in 1980, and have heard countless times since then, still resonates so greatly within me. However, very recently, maybe the past three month or so, I have made a serious effort to eliminate the words “try,” “trying,” “attempt,” and “attempting” from my personal vocabulary. It’s been a more challenging undertaking than I ever expected, though, thankfully, it’s easily identifiable when a slip up occurs. “What’s going on?” “I’ve been tryin — Scratch that — I’ve been moving projects forward.” The change… Read more “No. Try not. Do or do not… There is no try.”


I have always loved the holiday of Thanksgiving… And while I’m thousands of miles from my family (parents, siblings, nieces), haven’t yet created a family to call my own, and I’ve had so many different turkey-day experiences over the years… For me, Thanksgiving really has been boiled down the the purest essence of the holiday. Focusing on giving thanks for everything I am fortunate enough to have… So while the markets may be down, jobs may be scarce, I might not have this or that… Man oh man, I have… Read more Thanks


In the past I’ve done a few video blogs, “vlogs,” to express or share something, or to answer questions that people have asked… However, I think I prefer writing them out, more than just capturing them on video. I’ll embed a few past vlogs here. Course there’s always the mutant vlog/blog, like the very popular video I cut together and posted after a trip to Burning Man… Do you have thoughts on this subject? Do you prefer one over the other?