Will Be On i❤️Radio

Hey team, I will be interviewed by Kimberly Meredith this coming Tuesday and taking phone calls apparently.

Details are below the release. We may be chatting about some of the shelter volunteer work I do… As well as my two upcoming shows and probably talking about the great rescue that is hosting the lobby on Saturday night the 18th, for my next LIVE show.

“Tuesday, January 14, on the next #KCAARadio broadcast of the #MedicalIntuitiveMiracleShow, Kimberly welcomes her guest @Tom Kiesche, a professional actor and amazing volunteer for Los Angeles City Animal Shelters. Tom currently works with shelter animals on socialization skills, helping prepare dogs for adoption, and many other tasks. He often records animals at the shelter and posts information on his personal Instagram account @tomkiesche and Facebook page in order to raise awareness of the terrific animals inside shelter, as well as some of the issues shelters face.

Tom will be talking with Kimberly about his desire to help change the public mindset about adopting, neutering/spaying, microchipping, breeding, surrendering, and the importance of finding and redeeming lost animals.

So join us #Live at 7pm Pacific Time Tuesday January 14 on KCAAradio.com, 102.3 FM, 106.5 FM, 1050 AM, or on your #iHeartRadio app.
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Call in with your questions and comments when asked at 818-850-7784. Also watch for the special behind-the-scenes Watch Party on Kimberly’s Facebook page!”

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