Defining Cabaret

Last night a friend of mine asked a question on social media… asking, “How can we best define the cabaret experience?”

Below is my answer.

I’d like your thoughts on his question and my response.

How would you define cabaret?

How would you find new audiences?

What would make it better/more appealing for YOU?

Read his post, and my response below…

– Quiche Out

“I personally don’t believe there should be a locked in definition…. besides… CABARET is an intimate live performance in a small space usually to an eating/drinking audience.

It’s like defining THEATER… After all some of the best plays and musicals have come from breaking or challenging preconceived ideas. There should be shows for EVERYONE.

Please let’s not hem ourselves into narrow definitions but broaden to new audiences.

I personally think for cabaret to flourish WE need MORE variety of performances from a wider variety of people. To break up any negative connotations of what the general public thinks IS cabaret.

“An overpriced night of sparkly outfits and self-indulgent covers that are thinly stitched together.”

We should never hear “I DON’T LIKE CABARET,” because with a variety of talented skilled performances… it could be limitless on WHO performs WHAT…

“A night of Elton John telling fart jokes while Barbra Streisand plays upright bass and Billy Joel randomly plays his harmonica while tap dancing.”

WE should aspire to bring in more potential audiences some of whom may have already narrowly defined it.

The greatest challenge is getting people to come out and to have them leave WANTING to see more new and exciting shows and performances in cabaret spaces.

“That was fun, I’m so happy I went! Yes, it was so worth my time and money.”

THIS WAS written to help, not to put anyone or anything down. Be YOU. Do YOU. Shine on.”

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