WARNING: newer actors and models

For decades I have warned newer actors about being careful of what contracts they sign. Doing nonunion commercial work that requires you sign a contract in perpetuity (for life) can pay a little in the short run, but more damaging, it may hurt future earnings for ALL ACTORS AND… that little job take you out of doing a larger better paying job later.

Imagine if years ago Tom Hanks or Meryl Streep did an in perpetuity spot for a car company… then became famous. The company could run the hell out of that spot… for decades and those actors would probably receive no extra money, EVER! Also, future employers might not want to hire you because you get known as the actor from that spot or you have a conflict forever.

Or like this example…

Models doing modeling for a stock photo company. Agreeing to sign over their rights to their image, with no control over who uses it and for what.


I suppose there is one or two people in the world who actually enjoy having their image attached to anything and not being compensated fairly… but for most performers/actors I know — we would like to be compensated justly for our work and know ahead of tome what we are helping to promote or sell.

I’m just saying… be smart and protect yourself. Last thing I would want is any political party putting words I never said into my mouth by using my image.

– Quiche Out


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