Closed a YouTube Account

I don’t know about you, but I am finding it harder and harder to manage all the online accounts, content, and passwords. So, today, in an effort to streamline, I deleted my original YouTube channel—so at least perhaps I can manage my YouTube videos better.

Man, YouTube has changed over the years, both in what they allow as far as content, and the size of the video, which is clearly demonstrated by the low-quality videos I reuploaded on the only account I manage now.

Feel free to laugh or gasp at the very juvenile, Real Men Don’t (7 videos) Series… those are old and on or just past the border of good taste, or watch some of the short films I shot with some friends (5 videos) Big Quiche Shorts, or even check out a feature me and some very talented folks put together for under 5k back in 2002 before YouTube even existed… Murderous Camouflage (12 chapters for your viewing pleasure). And all the Closet Singer Series vids (all 76) are back up.

If any of them make you laugh, feel free to pass them on…

– Quiche Out

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