You Never Know

As you may or may not know I’ve done a few commercials over the past two-and-a-half-plus decades. I’ve been very fortunate to have made a decent living, having insurance through the Screen Actors Guild, and have a pension waiting for me when I do retire. For all this, I am super grateful.

Today I wanted to write about something that has come up in past conversations with my commercial agents, and a few friends of mine… I want to put the story out there for you and others, as maybe you’ll benefit in some way from hearing it. It’s not earth-shaking, but you never know.

A few years ago, when the frequency of auditions started dropping off a little, my agents submitted me for a regional commercial for a financial institution that I had never heard of. Because auditions were becoming few-and-far-between, and I had no conflicts with the product, I went on the initial audition. Thankfully, after a callback, I was hired.

On set, the clients, agency, and director appeared happy with what I had done… They loved some of my improvised moments and changed the copy a few times to officially add them in. At lunch, I sat with some of the clients, something that doesn’t typically happen, and they disclosed to me that they were shooting several different spots, and they would most likely be aired to limited markets for a cycle or two (13-weeks per cycle). Basically, “don’t go out and buy anything, kid.”

Well, thankfully, that spot ran in the limited markets, but also, because I guess people in those limited markets liked it…it started to run nationally…and then during some of the larger televised games and events… It was the air the entire time of the original contract, and then was renegotiated twice more, for two additional periods of time. I cross my fingers before every cycle hoping it continues, sadly knowing that it can’t possibly run forever. However, that commercial, while not my number one money maker, it is certainly in my top five, maybe top three. And, I’ve done a good number of national commercials at this point, something that I hope continues.

I thank the lucky stars that my agents and I auditioned for the spot initially…

My point is, you never know. I have several other examples of “you never know” stories, a commercial that I shot last week (which I can’t yet discuss, because of an NDA), and a comedy TV pilot that it looks like I’m shooting this coming weekend, which—unless I have to sign an NDA, or it doesn’t go—I hope to tell you about next week.

BTW, the spot I referred to throughout this post can be found on many different YouTube accounts as well as other sites, but on the client’s own YouTube page alone, the little spot that wasn’t supposed to do much…that did…that does…that hopefully continues…has nearly 1.5 million views.


– Quiche Out


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