PreOrder Your E-Copy (E-Delivery Nov 6th)


As of today, October 30th, two days ahead of schedule, everyone can now pre-order Weakday Drifter & Other Writings for Kindle readers, or other E-file readers, (Kindle files can also be read on many other devices such as many tablets, phones, and computers). When you pre-order, a Kindle file will automatically be sent from Amazon on November 6th, when the E-book becomes available to the public. Get one of the first E-copies and write one of the very first Amazon or Goodreads reviews! LINK:

Paperbacks are not available for pre-sale, and the release date has not been set. Signed paperback copies may be available sent directly by my office, see for more info.


Want to know even more about Weakday Drifter…and such.




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