Be Part Of It All

I know a few of you get a kick out of seeing me in commercials, and on TV shows…

Now imagine the enjoyment you might experience if you saw me with a significant part in a theatrical release, or as a lead in a TV show, or on Broadway, or having one of my screenplays made into a big blockbuster movie, or if one of my books reached the best seller list and then…was made into a movie or TV series.

Now, I know some people I know might actually grumble that I got lucky…some might snark that success came easy to me…that I don't deserve it…and I'm pretty sure some people I know feel disappointment every time I get a win in something, or maybe even couldn't care less…but I'm also guessing that NOT ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE will be reading this posting.

I'm writing this to you.

You…the person that texts me or messages me when you see a commercial play that I'm in, or an episode comes on that I have a part on. The gal and guy in the bar that scream out, "THAT'S MY FRIEND TOM!!!" whenever my face pops on any one of the TV screens at a sports bar. The person that has seen fifteen or more Closet Singer videos or came to any one of my live performances throughout the years.

I appreciate all those moments, I do…

I know that many of you may have already read Sympathy For The Devil, and some of you have already read Park Ranger Park…but if you haven't please, please consider reading it. If you enjoy either book, please review them, and then please, please, tell your friends about it.

The book Park Ranger Park currently has 20 reviews…all five-star ratings. I'm sure it's NOT everyone's cup of tea, and maybe some of you won't like it…but please if you haven't gotten it yet, what are you waiting for? Sympathy For The Devil has four and five star ratings.

Trust me, if it EVER ONE DOES TAKE OFF, you will be happy to have one of the earlier printed books on your bookshelf to brag to your friends…or be able to prove you posted about it on your social media, way before it was cool to do so.

BTW, currently, in the back of each paperback is the month and year is was printed, as they are printed on demand.

I'm not asking you to throw your money away on something everyone thinks is crap.

Below are the latest two reviews, again BOTH 5 STAR… the 19th and 20th FIVE STAR rating.

Again, here is your chance to be part of my success, the success of one of the books, my success as a writer, and more! I really believe I just need something to BREAK BIG, and then a lot of other things will start falling more in line.

If you read it and like it, or maybe even love it…by telling your friends, or people you think might really like it, about it will only make you look that much more interesting if they then like or love it too! Not that you're not fascinating already.

I can't do it alone…I've tried. I just end up banging my head against the wall. I admit it, I need, I require help. I was not born into a wealthy or famous family.

This really is an opportunity to be part of a success story in the making. If the books had all three star reviews I wouldn't be writing this note. I would never ask the same of the first book I wrote available only on Kindle.

I WANT YOU AND OTHERS TO ENJOY WHAT I DO. I really do. I wrote this story as a novel so you and others could enjoy it, without having to wait till some producer or studio deemed it okay for your eyes.

Thanks for your time and support. I know you have a lot of choices how to be entertained…I really just want to succeed, and I really just want to entertain you. Let me entertain you, let me make you smile. Please consider being part of the eventually success.

– Quiche Out

If you're still on the fence about getting either book, read the reviews on AMAZON.

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