2 Ways to get a Signed Paperback Copy of Park Ranger Park (or Sympathy for the Devil)

1. Purchase on Amazon, and hold your copy till our paths cross — that way you can review on Amazon, and this adds no extra costs to you.  

2. Purchase a copy directly through me — nearly same cost to you, a little more work for me. Requires a few extra steps. Sorry this option is available to people with US addresses only at this time.

  • Contact me/us directly to make sure this is still an option.
  • Choose whether you want to pay $19 for a media mail delivery, or $22 for a priority mail delivery.  You will receive tracking number for both options, and I/we will do our best to get the book to the post office within a week of receiving your PayPal payment.
  • Choose whether you want a personalized signature “To____,” or just a signed copy.
  • Let me know where you want the book delivered, and where to send a PayPal invoice.
  • Pay the PayPal invoice.

NOTE: Using the second option you will not be a “verified purchase” on Amazon but you are still able to review the book there, there are also many other sites that you can post  a review on as well, like Goodreads and social media platforms.

– Quiche Out

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