New (brief) Summary for PRP

No one would ever believe the truth… When several women hikers go missing in a national forest, federal authorities turn the focus of their investigation toward one particular suspect, Tim Park, especially when the park ranger’s ex-girlfriend also mysteriously vanishes. Questioned, near suspension, and under surveillance by the FBI, Park Ranger Park also disappears without a trace, at the same time as another abduction and the bloody, horrific murder of the woman’s male companion at the foot of a scenic waterfall. The fantastic part of the story truly starts when Park Ranger Park finds himself face down in a puddle of filth, on the floor of a dungeon in a wondrous otherworld. There, amongst warriors, wizards and wondeshrungs, Park finds himself fighting for his life, searching for the women he’s accused of abducting, and looking for a way back to Earth to clear his good name.

Recently I was convinced to write a longer, slightly more detailed summary for Park Ranger Park, and this morning I uploaded the changes to Amazon. I’m curious of your feedback, whether you’ve read the book or you’ve been considering reading it.

I know fantasy fiction with some science fiction, horror, humor and romance thrown in isn’t everyone’s bag of fun, but so far posted reviews have been awesome and very helpful.

If you have any ideas how I can possible continue to increase book sales through the summer, I would really appreciate it, as I hope to continue building momentum.

Direct link to book on Amazon:

Direct link to Park Ranger Park‘s home page:

– Quiche Out

  • I always appreciate advice on content and marketing.
  • Thank you Barbara Peterson for the encouragement and help with this.



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