What’s Better Than Ten 5 Star Reviews? Eleven 5 Star Reviews!

This weekend PARK RANGER PARK received it’s 11th review…and it was another 5 stars! 

However, even more exciting, is that Park Ranger Park was just RE-uploaded to Amazon. 

A few readers took me up on pointing out glitches they noticed in the novel, and three readers really went out of their way to help make Park Ranger Park sharper, cleaner, and easier to read. Big thank yous to all of them for some great suggestions and eagle eyes. 

If you purchased the Kindle already, I believe you can reload the updated file. 

With paperbacks it’s not so easy, but if the book takes off, you have yourself a collector’s edition. 

The book is 98% the same. The story is the same. The chapters are the same. The page count is nearly the same. 

It’s basically just clarifications, and clean ups that got missed in the “beta version.”

If you haven’t picked up a copy, or want to reload your Kindle, or get another copy, or recommend it to someone… Once again, here’s the book on Amazon!


– Quiche Out

Here are the last two posted reviews on Amazon!

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