Newest Spot – Ice Fishing

Here’s the newest commercial I appear in. Shot in an abandoned parking lot in North Hollywood. Crazy right? Looks AWESOME!  (Look back 10 weeks to see posts)

The spot was just uploaded today apparently… and the first of my spotters saw it run on ESPN. As always let me know when you spot things I’m in, what time, and what station, as it always helps!


YouTube Link to “Hall of Claims: Truck-cicle”:

While writing books, screenplays, and acting in “bigger” projects, with “bigger,” “more important” roles as an actor is my ultimate goal, I’ve been so very fortunate that doing commercials has been my “survival job” for a while now.

Thanks for your support. Please consider getting my newest novel… PARK RANGER PARK, now available on Amazon (Paperback & Kindle).

– Quiche Out



LINK TO paperback version on AMAZON:


LINK TO paperback version on CREATE SPACE:


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