Friends, Family, Acquaintances…

Writing isn’t easy, but I enjoy the heck out of it. Screenplays and books take years to write, but it helps keep me positive as I express creatively between acting or singing gigs.

Promoting books and screenplays is another thing… I find it challenging, and I don’t particularly enjoy the process at all.

That said, as many of you know my newest novel Park Ranger Park is now listed on, pre-order for Kindle and paperbacks are now available.

If you already made a paperback purchase or pre-ordered a Kindle of Park Ranger Park, THANK YOU!!!

If you’re planning on purchasing a copy in the future, please consider doing it before February 10th, as that will help show a spike in sales on Amazon (if enough people pre-purchase) and I can use all the help I can get.

If we’re friends, family, or acquaintances, and you’d like to read the book, but you don’t have the cash for a paperback, or don’t read Kindle (for whatever reason)… until Feb 10th, I’d be willing to EMAIL you a watermarked PDF (with your name), if you make a Kindle or paperback purchase on Amazon. Please request a PDF by text, email, or direct message on social media along with snapshot of your receipt with email address.

By purchasing on Amazon you become a verified purchaser and your future, potential review becomes more weighted.


If you want to continue to support my endeavors on this marathon (my career), or give me a shot in the arm, but hate reading, consider purchasing a paperback or Kindle version, and giving it to a friend (or friends) or a lending library…


Again, if you already made a paperback purchase or pre-ordered a Kindle, THANK YOU!!!!  If want to start reading immediately, I’d also be willing to email you a watermarked PDF copy, so that you can possibly start reading today, and hopefully post an early, positive review on Amazon.


I’m always open to marketing suggestions… Early reviews may be used to help promote the book, and I could always use your help spreading word about the book. Strong Amazon sales would only lead to good things down the road. Whether it’s more books, future movie or screenplay deals/roles, or national exposure.


Lastly, like with Sympathy For The Devil, if you purchase a paperback copy, or a kindle… PLEASE consider taking a picture of the book (or your tablet), and posting it on social media with hashtags… #parkrangerpark, #tomkiesche, along with whatever other hashtags you feel are appropriate (#excited, #fantasy, #kindle…) Feel free to be in the picture, or just have the book or tablet positioned where you’re reading it. Whatever you want to do! I loved getting all the photos of Sympathy for the Devil. Hopefully I get even more photos from people with Park Ranger Park copies.

Thank you for your encouragement, help, and ideas!

– Quiche Out

LINK TO paperback version on AMAZON:


LINK TO paperback version on CREATE SPACE:

Below are a few of the flyers and promotional materials already out there, again, I’m open to ideas… Big thanks to pre-readers for all their help, including… Jack for coming up with the “something” idea… Sandra for helping with book description, Bob for coming up with rogue park rangers tie in ideas, Fe for bouncing ideas off constantly, Wayne for Facebook promoting idea, Loc for promoting to his followers.

Plus thank you to future readers, my sister Barb, Michael, Todd and others I may have missed, for passing postings about the novel on to their social media before they’ve read it. I truly appreciate the help!



Back cover
Past posted “Something” campaign (one of Jack’s)
Flyer used on Facebook Ads
Postcard design – ordered 100
The 1st posted “Something” campaign


Book on Amazon… Needs some reviews.

LINK TO paperback version on AMAZON:

“Something” campaign

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