National Parks & Park Ranger Park

With some “spunky” Park Rangers going rogue all around the country, I can’t help but wonder what Park Ranger Park would do. While Park Ranger Timothy Larkin Park is a fictional character, and is completely unknown by the public at this point… I can’t help but wonder. I am all for freedom of speech, and against oppression by governments.

To get around threats and gag order this week there have been alt pages popping up all over Twitter…

Officially, the novel Park Ranger Park releases on Kindle on Feb 10th, timed with the Hunger Moon of February, but you can now order paperbacks through or in order to get them in your hands around the same time.

Click each link below to see which format or ordering platform might work out best for you, I’m told the novel should be available in many countries. My paperback copies were printed in the USA. Hey look at that, once again, with Amazon, CreateSpace, Kindle… I’m not only a writer and storyteller, but I’m also a job creator!

LINK TO paperback version (Park Ranger Park) on AMAZON:

LINK TO pre-order KINDLE (Park Ranger Park) on AMAZON:

LINK TO paperback version on CREATE SPACE (Park Ranger Park):


click for article LINK






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