Chantry Flats, Sturtevant Falls

If you’ve been reading me you’ve seen dozens of pictures of hikes off of Chantry Flats, especially to Sturtevant Falls… well, today I’m posting a few more.

This morning was a glorious time to hike, not at all hot, not cold, just right. The water level was enough to get the bottoms of our boots wet upon a few crossings, and the falls roared with cascading water.

This is one of my favorite hikes, one of the hikes that started me thinking of the story of Park Ranger Park years ago…

Today along our trek, to the falls, and then looping above the falls, we tracked a number of things that I thought would be fun for anyone reading the book, though I know the paperback was just released on AMAZON and the Kindle isn’t due out till Feb 10th.

HOWEVER, maybe after you see this blog post, and then read the book later, you will realize why I took certain pictures… although most of the shots are obviously just for fun.

Take a hike, read a book… maybe bring Park Ranger Park to a waterfall with you, and read it there.

– Quiche Out
LINK TO paperback version (Park Ranger Park) on AMAZON:

LINK TO pre-order KINDLE (Park Ranger Park) on AMAZON:

LINK TO paperback version on CREATE SPACE (Park Ranger Park):





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