Vote Smart

However you chose to vote, please vote smart… don’t just listen to your  heart, parents, history, politcal party, friends, TV personalities, news channel… And if you have propositions on your ballot, please research them, REALLY learn about them, please don’t just vote based on commercials and billboards, as those that propose or oppose them often hope you do.


With a new level of distaste for the current political system I have finally made my choice. Since moving out from under my parent’s metaphorical wings I’ve been a completely independent voter, with no allegiance to any political party. Though every time I’ve taken a political tested, I’ve leaned strongly, libertarian.In 2016 it looks like for the 1st time in my life I’m voting for a vice presidential candidate… Tim Kaine. 

I don’t “trust” or “like” Hillary Clinton. But she is intelligent, knows Washington, understands world politics, and has been under the microscope for decades. Don’t get me started on the list of reasons I could never vote for the other guy. Not only could I NOT VOTE FOR HIM, but for another 1st time, I can’t risk voting for a 3rd or 4th candidate’s party.

If SHE is in fact guilty of wrong doings and corrupt as many feel she is, then I hope she’s impeached & convicted after being elected. If she’s as clean and ethical as many BELIEVE she is, and continues things as they have been going, great, I can live with that. And if she fixes or improves things for the “average” American, and keeps the world stable, considers the advice of people like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren… and works with all republicans when they have solid, valid ideas, even better.

So, while I still think she’s the wrong “HER…” 

Looks like I’m voting HER way. Hoping that if guilty… THEY ALL impeach… And if she’s innocent… I HOPE EVERYONE supports and helps OUR COUNTRY.

May I never feel like I’m put in this position again.

– Quiche Out

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