Me, Chaz and the Line Between Us (VIDEO)

Many of you know I’m in rehearsal for a live show, where I play a character named CHAZ DEARBORNE. Chaz is a bit of a megalomaniac. A narcissistic, self indulgent, superstar of action films, who is working on his Haiku. I am Chaz Dearborne. I am an action super star. Chaz Dearborne I am. 

The live show is called Hollywood Premiere Party ( Rehearsals continue to be fascinating on many levels. Where most roles I book I only have enough time to memorize the lines… here, we have to develop everything else as there are no truly specific lines. 26 of us are just the characters we are, at a premiere party, for a couple hours, with whomever choses to join us. It’s really simple, but yeah it can be tough to get your head around. 

Fascinating study. Fascinating experience already. I can only imagine every night will be its own adventure.

Okay, so that’s the Chaz part.

The other day I, Tom Kiesche, worked on a commercial where I was soaking wet with water all day long. I won’t go into most of the oddities of the day but there were several moments where I felt my inner Chaz wanting to explode. But I didn’t. I, Tom Kiesche didn’t. I breathed. I smiled. I said, “that’s okay.” These things happen… I believe everyone is trying their best to do their best.

Coincidentally, today the producers of the live show released the Chaz freak out video. Where Chaz, the character I’m playing was filming “Steel Splinter 7”, a fake movie, after filming the other fake move “Love & Waffles”, which is what the fake premiere party is celebrating. And this freak out video gets leaked before the premiere of… It’s really not complicated… If it doesn’t make sense I wrote about it in previous posts, and the HPP website explains it.

Here’s the leaked Chaz footage. Hopefully they will release an extended cut later, as there were a lot of funny bits not included in this 90 second clip. LINK:

If you want to know more about Chaz and Hollywood Premiere Party – The Show go to and read all about it. 

If you want to know more about the commercial… all is fine. It was a long, wet day. As for what product… and what I was hired to do in it, I’ll let you know the minute they start running it.

– Quiche Out

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