Tom Hanks, Martin Short, Christina Applegate, Smokey Robinson…

Tonight I had the pleasure of going to a fundraising event for THE SHAKESPEARE CENTER OF LOS ANGELES, the 26th annual “Simply Shakespeare.” Held at the Freud Playhouse on the UCLA campus. A loose reading of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. 

I learned a few things.
One. Even Rita Wilson, cancels free gigs for paid work. Apparently she had work on a new Fox Show. So, please future producers of low budget whatever, give all us actors a break, ALL actors take the money jobs when they come. It’s the nature of the beast.
Two. Tom Hanks and Marty Short took their time. Tom was confident that he was enough just reading all the thank yous at the top of the show. Didn’t feel the need to rush or short change anything.
Three. “Make it” sooner than later so you can enjoy people’s appreciation of your work earlier later.
Four. Martin Short doesn’t need permission. Doesn’t ask for permission. He just goes. It doesn’t have to make sense. Christina Applegate said what was funny, as the character and the audience loved her for it. Neither had to behave, and the audience loved that they didn’t. People get to play by different rules when they’re celebs.
Five. $500 for a ticket to a show isn’t too much if you ask the right people, and dangle the right carrot. Heck, apparently even $25,000 isn’t too much if you ask the right people.
Thank you for the experience!

– Quiche Out
Two links to videos and some pictures…
VIDEO: Tom and Martin ripping, going off script.

VIDEO: Smokey singing.

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