Joey Knutsenseede

The other day while about to embark on a trash walk around the hood with my girlfriend… yes, she’s cool enough to accompany me while I nerd out and with one of those long grabby things, pick up crap that nasty stink bags throw out of their cars, or are too lazy to put into a trash bin. Anyway, while picking up some plastic bags from a bush… I saw, what I thought was a statue of a rat… Which turned out to be a dehydrated, scared, exhausted little squirrel. We got a small box, a larger box, some towels, and gloves and collected him. Actually, he was not hard to catch as he literally crawled towards my hands.

Next we posted on Facebook and Instagram to solicit help, while also calling various shelters, agencies and pet stores. Certain agencies told us it was better for us to NOT report it, as the squirrel would be put down… Pet stores offered products, which my girlfriend ran out and bought. And shelters were closed for the night, so we left a message or two. Thankfully many friends had experience with baby squirrels as did two of my nieces. We received a plethora of solid advice, watched some YouTube videos I think, and then a friend I’ve known for over a decade let me in on a secret… that she works as a volunteer with a licensed squirrel rehabilitation program.

We brought the little guy over a few minutes later and she gave us a tutorial. We were given food for him and another number to call in the morning.  For the evening we would care for the squirrel until the program she worked with could officially welcome our new friend in.

Let me say that my girlfriend was the hero, waking up every two hours to feed him from a syringe, and rubbing him to help him pee. By the morning, not only did our new pal have a name, but he was FAR healthier than the day before. He slept, ate, peed and pooped.

Later that day when we dropped him off in the program he was 100% better, and we’re told a day later he’s gained weight and he’s even more active.

Below are the pictures from Instagram, as I know many of you don’t subscribe to that. For the videos, they are posted on Instagram too, but I hope to link it so you can watch them if you’d like.

Everyone says how fortunate the squirrel was that we found him… however, I think both my girlfriend and I believe it was us who were fortunate he dropped into our lives for a day. To think, we almost didn’t go for a walk. I almost didn’t bring my stupid, long picker thing to nerdily pick up trash around the hood. 

Let me also say that I’m happy that I have a girlfriend that actually thinks it’s cool I like to do nerdy stuff some times. We can’t all be cool like the movies and TV portray.

– Quiche Out 

1. Not long after we found him. He did not look good at all. Dehydrated and exhausted. Size of an iPhone. 

2. Girlfriend comes back with syringe and Pedialyte. After some tips she’s hydrating him.

3. Video of hydrating. 

Video Link:

4. Getting milky nutrient rich food. Getting stronger.

Video Link:

5. Being helped to pee. He enjoyed that. Seems happy.

Video Link:

6. Saying so long, the next day. Best of luck Joey!

Video Link:

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