Manager Done Told Me

As some might remember I signed with Andy Howard at Shelter earlier this year. Since that time he’s been getting my tools in order.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 9.30.00 AM

Anyway, I just got a new demo reel back from an editor he suggested I consider working with. While I’ve done nearly all my edits over the past decade, this particular editor is currently under contract with one of the top agencies.

In trusting the expertise of both editor and manager, I stayed out of the scene selection. Reels I cut still exist, but I’d rather my management team have something they’re excited about as they market or rebrand my career. The  editor will re-freshen the reel again after Masters Of Sex airs, whenever that is, and with anything else that might help get me in doors down the road. For now, he wanted to give people possibly a different look at what I’ve done. Besides showing acting skills, I  believe this demo was also cut to show casting offices that I can hold my own with any series regular they put me across from.

Link is below for anyone interested.

– Quiche Out


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