2 Fake Movies Fake Movie Star Fake Social Media

Today I started my role as Chaz Dearbourne, working on two fake films… 

Love & Waffles, a fake romantic comedy, where I play a loveable, blue collar love sick guy, Dicky Masterson… 


Steel Splinter, a fake action flick, where I play the iconic heoric role of Brock McHoyt. 

After a string of action hits, Chaz was convinced by his agents and manager to star in something softer… to expand his audience. He’s a bit of an ass off camera, which you’ll pick up from the posts… but I’m hoping to have him develop a lighter goofier side as well, as he’s filled out.

But actually…

My main job of playing the role of Chaz, playing the roles of Dicky and Brock, will be a LIVE show that will premiere in October in Hollywood, however, the stuff we shot up to Lake Arrowhead is both promo stuff that will be used inside the LIVE event, and possibly for some promo stuff outside on social media.
Feel freel to follow Action_Chaz on Instagram, an account set up for my character, but please don’t ruin the illusion for others by spilling the beans. Apparently Chaz is also on Twitter at @Action_Chaz but I didn’t post anything there yet. You are free to follow either or both, to be in on the gag, but please keep your insider info to yourself… and it will probably grow slowly.

But who knows, maybe you’ve been a fan of Chaz Dearbourne, or the Brock McHoyt series for years… Just know, I don’t own these characters, but I’m on as the actor, playing the role. I believe we go into rehearsal for the live show in August… and a previous post listed the production dates.

BTW, viral videos will probably come out around then too. Thanks for following this career of mine.

– Quiche Out

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