Go North – Cali & Oregon Coast

So, it took me longer than I expected to see the Northern California and a majority of the Oregon Coastline, but upon returning, let me just say, what others have told me, for years… take a week off and go! GO North!

We rented a car for a week, with unlimited miles, and we drove… we had both seen from below San Diego to San Francisco, so we drove up the less than flattering 5 Freeway for the first couple hundred miles and then kind of B-lined to a place on the water called Bodega Bay, and then spooned the coast the rest of the way up.

We left on a Thursday night to get out of town, stopped and slept in a cheapie, 3 hours north of Los Angeles, smack dab in farm country, with air rich of fertilizer and cow poop, just off the highway. Then second night was much nicer, a cute place, decorated like an old gold mining town, an awesome bed, with views of the Pacific and a working fireplace. The third night we stayed waterfront, watching boats, ducks, and people fishing in Oregon. The next few nights we stayed in a friend’s guest house, with views overlooking her gardens and the gorgeous Oregon Coast. Once we started our trip back, after a few relaxing, fun soaked days, we rocketed to our fourth hotel, and made the most of our resting hours, exploring Mount Shasta, and then finished our trip up with a 10 hour cut, the last day, bringing us back to LA, an hour shy, of exactly a week.

We saw breath taking wide open vistas, sat next to smashing white waves of spray, crawled over slimey wet rocks in tidal pools, hugged huge ancient Redwoods, melted in warm glowing sunsets, walked scenic green flower laced paths, took hundreds of pictures, climbed high in an old lighthouse, saw grazing wild elk, bounding deer, and fawns crossing streets… hundreds of cows in tan fields of grain, dozens of horses on rolling hills, with a few llamas and chickens mixed in…

We ate at some tasty restaurants, met some fun & friendly people, had a few odd conversations with some real odd balls, listened to music, silence and nature, brought some back hilarious stories we’ll have to keep to ourselves… and… and… we even ran into someone I know from my neighborhood in Los Angeles (who was back “home” visiting for the holiday), and… and… and… recorded an audition for a TV show, in a hotel, using an ironing board, standing on a bed, as a tripod for my iPad.

Below are just 25 of the hundreds of pictures we took… They won’t do some of the views justice… It’s worth the ride, the time, and the effort. Go!

As I posted on FACEBOOK upon returning to Tinseltown…

“Unplugged mostly, for a week, up the coast, really re-shines a light on a lot. Media ignorance is bliss… Trees, nature, the ocean, and amazing vistas are good… really really good. Los Angeles may be too crowded for simple relaxation, clean air, and uncomplicated happiness… I feel so alive near smashing waves, sunshine, Redwoods, cliffs, burning campfires… Oh and there’s snow in July on Mt Shasta. Pictures later. Remember to love, live, laugh, see, hug, appreciate, breathe, sing, travel, explore, be…”

For the record, we went as far North as Depoe Bay. We stayed in Lemoore, Mendocino, Gold Beach, Yachats, and Weed… And we put 2,150 + miles on the car.

– Quiche Out



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