Silly Saddened

It’s been quieter here, auditions have dropped down, and I’ve completed a few writing projects. Waiting for feedback on a few scripts I find myself stalling to start a new one, or revamp in an older one. I still have things I’m working on, like the duet show, music, and some class work, but the quiet echoes louder, as I don’t know which direction to whip myself in. 

Perfectly timed, a letter came a short while back from one of my young nieces. In a handwritten note she asked if I would bring a “flat” version of her around to my job, and document what we did together for a few days. It was supposed to be a week, but for whatever reason I didn’t get the package of her little flat self, till Wednesday. 

It should be noted that in the messages before the package arrived, I warned my sibling and spouse that my niece was chosing an uncle that didn’t have a “job,” an uncle that constantly attempts to find, manufacture, audition for, seek, or create, and generate “work,” and there might be far better choices for a school report, designed to enlighten.

From Wednesday afternoon till Saturday morning I brought her “flat” version with me, taking a few pictures, and creatively “documenting” our days. Possibly after I know she’s done with her report, the adventures will be posted online for anyone interested… 

Quite unbelievably, it’s been over a week since I put that “flat” version of her in the mail… and ever since I not only have felt a sense of loss, and familial connection, but also of career purpose and direction. I would have thought this silly sadness would have long passed, but perhaps writing about it this morning, and making fun of myself publicly will help.

– Quiche Out 

For the record, I’ve no idea what her teacher and schoolmates heard, or made of her crazy uncle, OR if she even turned the assignment in. 

Below are two screen-snapshots of previously posted photos. 

Instagram Post AFTER DROP OFF


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