Love It If U & Friends Joined…

SAVE DATE INSTAGRAMThe image  went out on Instagram & Twitter this past week…
Deirdre & I will be doing a night at The Gardenia, in West Hollywood, joined by Michael Collum on the baby grand.
More details will be released as we get closer, as we are currently in the process of rehearsing to bring an entertaining night to all that attend.
We would love it if you & your friends joined us, but, if you can’t make it, AND if would like me (us) to consider doing another, or future shows, please help spread the word to anyone who might be close enough to come, and who would enjoy such a night…
DEIRDRE MONCY & TOM KIESCHE bring their spin, creativity, humor and unique sound, to the “Golden Age” of Broadway (1950s), with the handsome and talented MICHAEL COLLUM, laying down delight, on the baby grand. WORLD PREMIERE, charming evening, with an entertaining blend of show tunes you know, songs you may have misplaced, few you may have missed, and some done only the way Deirdre & Tom would think to do them! The 50’s premiered some of the most loved shows and songs ever written: Sound Of Music, Gypsy, Guys & Dolls, and many, many more. 
Hailing from wickedly awesome Boston, SHE is a graduate of The Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music, and has been performing as a solo artist in clubs and festivals both in the U.S.A and Canada, as well as numerous collaborative projects, as a vocalist, pianist, singer and songwriter. She also co-produced and judged the 3 year run of the live hit Hollywood show Cabaret Idol, an LA Weekly’s* Must See/Pick of the Weekly.
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HE brings an equally eclectic background, and has appeared in dozens of TV shows, commercials, plays & films. As a singer, he became internationally known through a web series of his own, entitled Closet Singer, producing over 70 episodes. When he isn’t behind the microphone, or working as an actor, he can be found behind a different kind of keyboard, writing novels, screenplays, stage plays, and more…
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The duo started their musical collaboration in 2014, and have enjoyed singing a variety of styles together, while entertaining and amusing audiences wherever they perform

– Quiche Out

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