New Pics (Manager’s choices)

Silent, with no real big news, working hard on a few new projects. 

  • Currently on my 3rd rewrite of my 3rd novel (2/3 done)… Other novels available thru Amazon. 
  • Submitting screenplays when appropriate to companies and contests…
  • Auditioning when agents call with appointments…
  • Working on a duet singing show with a collaborator (nearly complete)… 
  • Working on a NEW one man show (close to ready for workshop production)… 

I believe I mentioned I started working with a new manager a few weeks ago… and in so doing, he asked me to consider dropping some weight and getting new pictures. 

As followers on Instragram (@tomkiesche) may have already seen… here are my new manager’s top 12 picks, and the photographer’s 24. 

I’m still waiting on my commercial agents picks, but at least 4 of these are being touched, cropped, and used by him, to hopefully secure some future auditions and work.

I have already posted some pics they didn’t chose on Instagram, and may post more, as I think there were lots of quality shots, they didn’t pick for whatever reason. Follow @tomkiesche on Instagram if you’re interested. Tom’s Instagram

BTW, I love getting feedback, either when people catch a re-run, commercial, read a book, recommend me to a friend, watch a past YouTube videos, read a blog posting…

– Quiche Out



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