Nature good Graffiti bad

A lovely day for a hike as we went back to Hermit Falls… Maybe I’m turning into a grumpy old man… But what is wrong with individuals that think spray-painting rocks is acceptable behavior? Is that possibly the only way they can imagine leaving a mark on society? Newsflash to all Picasso Pollock Warhols, it will be painted over, or sandblasted, and in the meantime, you’ve ruined something beautiful for years to come. You’ve sent a brilliant message to the universe declaring your own lack of self-worth, and if you believe in God, you’ve pissed all over his designer carpet.

Who knew there were so many people attempting to discover new ways to spell “idiocy.” Another hike & beautiful waterfall trashed… Tag social media, NOT NATURE! 

Despite the rocks in prettiest section of the hike looking like the side of a New York Subway train in the ’70s, we still managed to find joy on the journey, appreciating the sounds, the reflection of light on the surface of the water and leaves on the trees, the smell of white sage, and the feeling of being recharged within the power and beauty of nature.

Hermit Falls, 1.5 miles from Chantry Flats parking area.
3 miles round.
Depending on water levels, shoes may get wet (especially if you don’t hop rocks well.)
A couple easy stream crossings.
You’ll pass a few cabins on the way.
Descend from parking area, ascend back to parking area, along the same path.
Located in the San Gabriel Mountains…

Warning: Hikes may cause happiness, temporary shortness of breath, and have lasting effects on your appreciation of beauty and life.

– Quiche Out

Seconds after I posted this I got an invite to either donate money to HERMIT FALLS CLEAN UP, or attend the HERMIT FALLS CLEAN UP. Here’s the link:

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