Choices Again

Last batch with facial hair for a while, unless a reason or request pops up (that I don’t yet know about.) The next time I plan to shoot will be after shaving.

Know that none of the images have been cleaned up yet…

Which do you like of the NEW BATCH?
Do you know why?
Do the pics you picked in this round beat the ones you picked last round?
All of all which are your faves…

Please only play along if it’s fun for you, or if you really want to help!

Positive, constructive feedback is always appreciated!

Thank you,

– Quiche Out

(Huge thanks again to the lovely Feona)


Here are clickable photos you can see larger, if you want to compare…


Here’s the previous batch… Numbered 1-12 (5 and 12 were the same and I omitted one of my favorites by mistake, can you spot which one that didn’t make the numbered board?)



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