You Are Not Alone…


I’m not sure who Oggie was, as the scarf around the snowman in Sierra Madre is in memorial to, but I’m all too painfully aware that many people hurt at this time of year, whether from feelings of being lost, alone or under a wave of darkness…

Whether you’re the most devout Christian, follow another religion, or are a non-believer, if you’re stuck in a chair, unable to get up, with the black dog biting your heels… with dark scary feelings…

Breathe, hold on, ride the wave, reach out if you need to… Smile, watch a comedy, wear a silly hat, take a walk in the rain, take the pressure off  yourself and what you may feel you’re supposed to be feeling or experiencing… Do not compare the now to your past or to others around you…


After about the age of 12, I’ll never have the same excitement and joy of Christmas, but each year there are new joys, people to love, and challenges… Whether you go home, spend time with family, or friends, or watch the minutes click as you sit alone.

None of this is new, revolutionary information, it’s just me asking you to… Take care of you, if the winds and currents are great, batten down the hatches, ride out the storm… Tomorrow is a new day, in a few days, you’ll be in a new year…

YOU matter.

– Quiche Out



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