This AM I got a message asking why I’ve been so silent on this site and social media as of late, concerned… It was a nice note to get. Honestly, I’ve been quite busy working more than full time on a new novel, a new one man show concept, and a new duet show with Deirdre… Research, writing, research, writing… And some auditions thrown in, close on a few but no cigars… I’ve also just started on another new venture which I’m delaying in announcing for a little while longer… Though that one is probably just for fun, at least at this point.

The note made me smile, and motivated me to cut together another video from Deirdre and our October 5th show… We’ve been asked to come back in December for what we’re now calling, another “Living Room Show,” however we may delay, using our time right now to put together a new show, one we feel will be a far more marketable show to people who don’t yet know us, in cities and towns that don’t  yet know us…

Here’s what I cut together this AM, have a wonderful weekend!

– Quiche Out

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