Seduction of Celebrity (another actor story)


My agents like a still picture from every set I work on, they used to post photos of their clients working on a wall, until the wall was filled, but I believe the true reason is to have photographic evidence that you indeed worked on the set, and the wardrobe you were wearing, for any questionable contract disputes down the line. Whatever the reason, they like to have a photo, a copy of the call sheet and the signed contract.

So… I was lining up my smartphone, to take a selfie, as they no longer take Polaroid photos on set, looking at the screen, trying to balance good lighting with a little of the set behind me… when I noticed one of the actors, who was hired to be a “celebrity,” posing, behind my camera, about 20 feet away… making a face, and striking an obnoxiously, bold, “I’m a famous rockstar,” pose.

I took my picture, and then suddenly realized, the actor might have been looking directly at the lens on the other side of my phone, and posing for me…

Honestly, I couldn’t help myself, as I lowered the camera, and words came out of my mouth that I had no intention of being so harsh.

His cohorts, other actors that were hired to play “stars” busted up laughing… It was such an absurd moment, that he just assumed I was taking his picture, and I believe one of them might have even tweeted about the moment he found it so funny.

Truthfully I didn’t say what I said to be funny, an ass, or to cut him down… I was just seriously shocked of how quick this twenty/thirty-something year old, went from, the day before, telling people it was his first commercial ever,  how he’s just started working as an actor, to posing for random shots, after eight hours, on location, where people were being paid to pretend that he was a famous, making-girl-crazy, celebrity.

“Did you think I was taking a picture of you? Why would I do that?”

Yet another funny moment in the biz that I want to remember for myself…  one more reminder to keep it real, and always keep your ego in check.

  • Quiche Out

PS. I did hesitate to post this, but I find it a completely interesting study, as time after time I see people fall to the seduction of celebrity, and into the ridiculousness of it all. And while I don’t believe I signed a confidentially agreement, I’m not naming the product or the character on purpose, as I don’t want to publicly ridicule or shame anyone… we’re all human, and we all get caught up by our own ego at times.

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