Making Bread

Though I was fortunate to work on two different films last week (Watch The Sky & White Fang), this post is about an entirely different kind of bread.

jurassic bob
Meet Jurassic Bob (Watch The Sky)
Most of you have already met Zeke (White Fang)

One of my friend’s has a brother who works as an apprentice for a bread maker in Silver Lake/Los Feliz… He prepares and bakes the bread out of his home, and apparently he has been voted one of America’s top ten  bread makers.

Here’s the skinny: Apparently three times a week he bakes bread. If you want it on Saturday… You email your bread order before Thursday, then on Saturday morning you get a text when it’s ready, and you finish by picking the bread up in a basket on his porch (and dropping your payment in his mailbox). Or you can get it at various local shops…

Pleasure to walk with the lovely Feona

Honestly, I’ve been looking forward to this AM since I placed my order Wednesday night…

My girlfriend and I found his home, and snapped a few pictures… Both delighted by the experience, the weight of the bread, the crispness, and the heat emanating from the brown paper bag which had my name written on it. We shared slices of our loaf of sourdough rye with my neighbor and my house cleaner and the four of us all relished the flavor, texture and freshness.

Each slice was like a meal in itself.


Experiencing local flavors has always been one of my favorite joys in life, whether it’s in other countries, or even just down the block. Are there places in your town, that if friends/I were to visit, you would steer us/me towards?

Though I’m not receiving any sort of bread for my endorsement, here’s his website And for ways to get it yourself…

– Quiche Out

Bread with my name on it.

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 11.07.54 AM


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