Couple Of Goods To Share

Happy to let you all know of a few things going on… Thank you for your interest. Please like, share, subscribe… Stay in the loop!

logo-1My long time script collaborator Paul and I have officially signed with Loeb & Loeb, a big entertainment law firm, and we’re in the process of getting one of our favorite family feature comedies to production companies. It’s a really great feeling to submit scripts with a law partner’s name and their prestigious law firm on the cover page. This particular script is a comedy that parents could feel happy to bring their children to, and would also get my mom’s stamp of church going, grandmotherly, approval.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.54.48 AMSecond, I just received my flight itinerary for ALASKA… I’ve been cast in a significantly sized role in a modernized, new telling of the story of WHITE FANG. A feature film, based or inspired by the Jack London story (first published in the early 1900’s). And no, I will not be playing one of the wolves. There will be pictures and a few postings to come about the project. I couldn’t say YES fast enough, jumping at the opportunity to travel back to ALASKA and have new life experiences.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 8.09.43 PMThird, today I will be handing in a contract, securing October 5th, 2015, for a one-night special at the Lyric Hyperion Theatre (in Los Angeles). More details to come, but for now tell your pals and write down the date in your books. It’s Deirdre, Roger and I doing a fun, loose, one-hour plus, free form set of songs for enjoyment. We’re currently considering what songs we’ll be doing, but overall I’d say we do a mix of genres, covers, blends, styles, smash ups and spins. The three of us are celebrating birthdays within a week or two of the date, and my folks will be in town, so we all thought it was a brilliant excuse to have some loose musical fun.

If you haven’t seen the quickly cut, 2 minute series of clips from our last gigs… Here ya go…  It’s very probable we will do a few of these songs at the Lyric Hyperion on October 5th, as well as a few others. LINK:

Okay that’s not it, but for this posting, it is all I’ll mention…

– Quiche Out

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.42.02 AM

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  1. Good luck with that favorite family feature comedy! Will be looking forward to being able to tell family and friends to go and see it. Good Luck in Alaska with the film, watch out for the Polar Bears. Have fun preparing for the show at the Hyperion Theatre. We are getting excited about being in California again, being with you and seeing all your friends and the show.


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