“You’re a Lucky Guy”

  Yesterday I came out of an audition, feeling good.

Outside, while crossing the street, I smiled and said hello to a guy, wearing a turban… 

“You’re a lucky guy,” he blurted.
“I know,” I replied. My smile even bigger.

That startled him, but he continued, “Do you know why?” he asked.

“Yup, i totally do!” I responded, my shit eating grin taking over my face… “Have a great week.”

I’m certain he wanted to work me for some scam or magic trick… but honestly, I was tempted to go back and start listing off reasons of why I am such a lucky guy. 

Not one of those reasons is because I’ve booked acting work recently, and my computer’s in the shop, i’ve been suffering through a few injuries, and my phone has glitches as of late… but how great is it to be alive, happy, healthy, have energy, support, and quality friends, be of sound mind, to be able to make free choices, feel loved, make people laugh… To be able to express creativity, joy, music, humor… make changes from the negative, accentuate the positive…

I am a lucky guy.

– Quiche Out


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