SINGING & FREE in STUDIO CITY (Update! NOW a Full Set!)

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This coming Tuesday (June 23rd), Deirdre, Roger & I are trying something new, happy that we will be doing a full set (35-50 minutes?) at Serra’s Dine & Dance in Studio City, as we’ve just changed our arrangement with the night’s producer.

That’s right we will now be doing 1 full set at the beginning of the evening, and then packing up, as we flip the stage over to comics work-shopping material. We’re constantly looking at and working on “new” material… We do a wide mix of styles, and blends, some like maybe you’ve heard, some like you probably haven’t.

We’ll get there, set up, maybe do a warm up song or two, goof off to some mp3 tracks or whatever, as we set up and sound check (all which is open to the public), and then sometime before or after 8PM we’ll continue on, rolling until 8:45PM.

At 8:45 we’re done, and we’ll flip the stage over to the producer Debbie, at which point she’ll introduce whichever comics she’s lined up for the evening as we quickly break down and get out of there. In past week’s there have been open slots available for comics, so come early and chat with her if you’d like. We may stick around, we may split.

Follow this blog, or keep your eyes on Tom, Deirdre or Roger’s social media pages for any possible updates!


  • PLACE: Serra’s in Studio City, 12449 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604
  • TIME: FREE to come early and go as you please… (we’re done at 8:45)
  • DATE: June 23rd, 2015
  • COST: Whether you show up early or late, the evening is FREE and doors are open.
  • There is currently no drink or food minimum.
  • The front door, kitchen and bar are open the entire time we are there. 
  • Deirdre, Roger and I are using the space and the opportunity to develop material, as you know we are not always at FREE or open venues.
  • If we’re able to build a small crowd, possibly there will be more fun opportunities for us and other musicians in the future.
  • Feel FREE to stop by.
  • Feel FREE to tell your friends who may live near Studio City.
  • PARKING: There is a small lot, other than there’s street parking (metered till 8PM).
  • We don’t have a collective name at this point.
  • Deirdre Moncy (vocals & keys), Tom Kiesche (vocals), Roger Aldi (drums).

– Quiche Out

Note: Several of you have expressed interest in seeing me sing “out of the closet” LIVE (… While I typically don’t  post about open mic’s before I go, and many of the times I “guest” in someone else’s show, I only do one or a few songs, or there’s a high ticket price with a drink minimum.

This is a solid, FREE chance to hear us as we continue to develop.

Here’s a video link, of one song from the 1st week…
It was the very 1st time we performed, THE DANCE, live…

D&T June2

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