This Past Tuesday Night (Comics & Music) in Studio City

D&T June2

Well, that was a fun creative night… It was a little flying by the seat of our collective pants…  But it was fun. An invited night of stand up comedians, with Deirdre Moncy and I doing some live music in-between.

I’m sure the night will build as it goes on, and I’m certain so will the amount of comics wanting to showcase themselves. Deirdre and I did about 6 songs, and treated it as an invited rehearsal, as did the comics… That’s what it is supposed to be, a fun, safe, creative room to sharpen, test, or try out new material. For instance, one fellow, Aaron, who just came to watch, who hadn’t done stand up in 20 years, ended up doing 5 minutes, when there was some open time.

Debbie Thame is the host and producer. Find her through the FB invite on the bottom for more details. And if that event page won’t open, keep an eye out for the next one, or find Debbie on Facebook. Link:

Next week Deirdre and I are hoping to improve upon technical aspects using Serra’s sound system (or at the latest, the following week if the mixer doesn’t get to us in time), and even more exciting, our duet may be joined next week, by fun loving drummer Roger Aldi.

Last week there was no admission and there wasn’t a drink/food minimum.
Serra’s, the space was great.
And so was the vibe.

I don’t know if there’s FB invite, or the possible line up for this coming week yet..  But here is last week’s invite, if you want to see some posted pictures, or comments:

– Quiche Out



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