Tonight, Deirdre and I will be singing a few songs in Studio City… as the special invited musical guest among a list of comics…

Now, while the list of comics/performers continues to change, Deirdre and I are prepared to bounce with whatever comes our way… We don’t know the venue… We don’t yet know all the technical specifics… But, we’ve both committed to roll with it, and TONIGHT, you can be a part of all of it too.

Debbie Thame, the producer, who is also hosting the evening, is starting a safe, creative space, for polished comedians to work on their material in front of friends and cool audiences…

So, if you’re an aspiring pro, with material, looking for more contacts, or stage time, this could/would be a good time to get your foot in the door in order to possibly meet Debbie, and possibly be invited to perform in the future…

And while Deirdre and I have several songs that we feel confident with at this time, we are both considering the night an open rehearsal, where we’re looking to polish a few songs, and maybe even break one or two new ones in. Depending on the audience, the time, and what we’re asked to roll with. Who knows…

Serra’s Dine & Dance
12449 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, California 91604

No admission. No minimum.
Starts at 8PM.
Apparently, people will roll in late.
Or possibly leave early.

We have no idea what time we’ll be called up to the mic (most likely there will be a mic), or how many times we may be called up on stage (if there’s a platform), how many songs we’re doing (we were told at least 3). We have no idea if people will show up, how the prices of drinks are, if there’s food available, if there are seats, and we have absolutely no idea if we’ll do this only tonight, or at any time again in the future…

If you want to be there, be there. 

– Quiche Out

Original blog mentioning new collaboration of working with Deirdre (with a song):

Original blog mention of event:



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