I got a wonderful surprise note from grade school friends of my parents today…

I got a wonderful surprise note from grade school friends of my parents today…
“…saw WMD last night; it was awesome. Loved it. And not just for the political message but it was very suspenseful, full of action, great story, professionally done, etc. You were great as the lead actor and we even forgot that it was you.”
Notes like this make my day brighter, and give me strength to keep in the game.
WMD can be  streamed through AMAZON, iTunes or other sites.
– Quiche Out
Here is yet another AMAZON review, I didn’t see till just now…

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 6.05.31 PM

By West Mountain on May 26, 2015
W.M.D. is proof that a low-budget film can be very effective, if it’s carefully planned. The plot is genuinely suspenseful — I intended to watch a half-hour and ended up finishing the DVD, wanting to find out what happens. Director/producer Richard Halpern uses his small cast to good effect, and the confined space works in favour of the story, becoming a claustrophobic trap. The desperation of the soldiers becomes apparent. As tension builds, we realize that one or more of the team may be untrustworthy. At first Captain Hank Garrison appears to have the advantage of surprise. But they’re on a military base, in a foreign country far from home — and this isolation makes it even more likely that things are going to go wrong. Will Garrison be able to restrain the dangerously-unstable Sergeant Downy in order to complete their mission? Will any of them get out of the situation alive?
I appreciated the plot twist at the end, and lead actor Tom Kiesche’s performance as Garrison was compelling — ably backed up by the alarming Weetus Cren, and John Posey as the President who isn’t quite what he first seems. The behind-the-scenes extras were a nice bonus — more than a lot of other independent film releases.

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