Celebrity Guest Host (Last Night)

Last night was loads of fun, as I was asked to be the “celebrity guest host” at the Hump, for an “Armando Night” of improv comedy, produced by Jim Nieb, and presented by Playhouse West Comedy…

Two teams of young improvisors (whom I didn’t meet till last night) constructed free flowing, highly comedic scenes based on a few true stories from my past, which I was inspired to tell based on audience suggestions. Stories ranged from back in my childhood, to an actual story that happened that very morning. Highlights of their sketches may have been the broken window Mustang squirrel tail date, the interagation Office Depot in Fallujah, and the dirty gloved doctor.

Thank you to all involved, the improvisors, the audience, the theater, for an enjoyable evening, and more thanks to Jim and Feona for the pictures posted below!

– Quiche Out

P.S. Next week my duet partner Deirdre and I may be special guests, performing a three song set at another night of comedy, at another location, with another group of people… Pretty vague, huh?  You can see Deirdre and I singing Falling Slowly here… Falling Slowly:  http://youtu.be/_kDVg9lmzvI Hopefully more details to come.

N11295590_10153311849380196_8603003628055176366_n IMG_3968 IMG_3967 Playhouse West Hosing Gig - May 2015

photo photo 1 photo 2 copy photo 4 copy 2

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